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Give your trading an EDGE..

You purchased numerous of methods and systems out there.

You subscribed to numerous of day trading rooms, but haven't found the "ONE" yet.

You feel uncomfortable in asking questions in a Live Room group setting.

But, have you been coached and mentored by one of your own?

I was once a struggling trader like everyone else.

Now, I have learned to be Patient with Discipline, the TWO key factors in your search for your personal Holy-Grail.

It is not that all those 3rd party paid systems or methods are junk.

I truely believe they can all be utlized in a profitable trading plan.

You just need to adjust these systems around your own trading personality, not the other way around like most systems teach you.

You can't change your trading personality or risk tolerances, BUT, you can change the actual system or method.

Think about this,


~ Take what you NEED, NOT what you WANT...

Your Holy-Grail is in the Mirror

For those who know of me, I have been trading futures OVER 10 plus years.

I have purchased systems and methods, one after another.

Colorful rainbow indicators, Bought It...

Mathematical looking indicators, Bought It...

Holy Grails, Bought It...

Expensive indicators, Bought It...

Inexpensive indicators, Bought It...

Free indicators, Installed It...

So what does this all mean and what did I learn from my journey as I am now successful at what I do?

I do not use any of the above tools exclusively in my daily trading.

What I do is take a piece of everything I have and learned, and created my OWN personal Holy Grail.

Just recently, I operated and mentored a Live Chat Forum Room here at EminiTicks.

I am now concentrating 100% on my personal trading, while selectively providing "Private Training Sessions."